Monday, 18 July 2016

Timer Cache Clear in SharePoint.

This post will help you on how to clear timer cache in SharePoint servers.

So lets get started :)

First of all,why we need to clear timer cache? there can be n number of reason to do it,sometimes an event id 6398 is logged in Application log which is due to configuration cache being outdated.So we required timer cache clearance.
There are other reason also and some common issue which requires timer cache clearance.

The path of configuration cache can vary in reagards to window server 2003,2008 or 2012.

We are performing clearnace on server 2012 below is my config path location and for 2008 it will be same.

Below are steps to for  Timer Cache/Configuration cache clearing.

1. We have to stop the timer serivce, Ctrl + R type services.msc hit enter.
2. Select SharePoint Timer Service and Stop it.
3. Once it is stopped,Go to the Config location mentioned above.
4.Backup the Cache.ini file. (DO NOT DELETE CACHE.INI) best way to avoid deletion of cache.ini is to open it.
5.Delete all the XML configuration files in GUID folder.Also note down the count of the XML files.

 6.After deletion of XML file open cache.ini.Select all and replace it by 1.Save and Close
7.Now we have to start the services.Go to Services.msc --->SharePoint timer service-->Start.
8.Once timer service get started it.XML will get auto generated.

9. Most of the time it will auto generate same number XML file which were deleted.One or two less do not worry.

10. Perform above steps on the SharePoint server in your Farm.

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