Friday, 1 July 2016

Configure User Profile Service Application on SharePoint Server Part-2

This post will help you to configure Synchronization connection in User profile application.

If you want to configure user profile service application please go thru PART-1 of this post.

So lets get started :)

1. Open Central Administration--> Application Management--> Manage Service Application
2. Click on your User profile service application .
3. Before you create a connection in UPS application.Make sure the account which you are using should have Replicated Directory change and read/write premission on the domain.

4.Click on Configure Synchronization Connection.

5. Click Create New Connection.

6.Give name to your connection, then enter your forest name,give the account details you are using for sync purpose and click on populate container.
7.Select the OU which you want to sync in SharePoint and click OK
8.Connection created, Now go to home page on User Profile service and click on Start profile Synchronization
9. Select the Full sync and click OK

10 Wait for profile synchronization status to become IDLE
11. Your Sync has been completed and now you can search for profile in manage user profile.

Happy SharePointing :)

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