Friday, 8 July 2016

Installation of SharePoint 2013

This Post will help you out with SharePoint 2013 installation

So lets get started :)

1. Download SharePoint server 2013 from Microsoft.

2. Mount the ISO file in window server

3. Before SharePoint installation we have to install few prerequisites.

4. There are two way to install the prerequisites online and offline.Offline which i will discuss in other post.In this post we will do online prerequisites installation which means having active internet connection because it will download the updates from Microsoft download center.

5. Open the ISO image and Run the prerequisitesinstaller.exe.

6. Click Next.
7. Accept the terms  and click Next.
8. It will start the installation and you may required to restarted the system.Click Finish to restart.

9.Once System restarts it will automatically start the prerequisites installer.
10. After prerequisites installer finished install all the required prerequisites.
 11.Run SharePoint setup.
 12. Enter Product Key and Click Continue
13.Accept the terms and Click Continue.

14. Click Install Now.Wait for installation to get completed.
SharePoint 2013 has been installed.

Click to Configure SharePoint 2013
Happy SharePointing :)

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