Thursday, 14 July 2016

Creating Web Application in SharePoint 2013

This post will help you out with Web Application creation in SharePoint.

So lets get started :)

1. Open Central Admin--> Application management--> Manage web application.

2.Click New.

3. Enter value in the field accordingly.As this is a new web application,you will create a new IIS web site,keep allow anonymous access as No.

4. Select Enable Windows Authentication and Integrated Windows Authentication (NTLM).

5. Change URL , Change the name of Application pool and managed account if you want.

 6. Change DB name and mention Fail-over Database server if you have any.

7.  Click OK and wait while your web application is getting created.Click OK

8. Web Application is created but if you try to browse the Web application.You will get an error.

9.You are getting the above error because didn't create a root site collection it is mandatory to create one after you create a Web application.

In my next post we will go thru on how to create site collection.

Happy SharePointing :)

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