Friday, 1 July 2016

Configue SMS alert on SharePoint 2013

This post will help you to configure mobile account or sms alert on SharePoint 2013

I've been working for one of my Australian client to set-up sms alert for them.

First thing we require is to get an SMS provider (Red Oxygen in my case) so they can send us sms whenever SharePoint alert has been triggered.


1. Obtain the root certificate for the SMS provider's. Red Oxygen is using Go Daddy sercure certification authority.

2. Ctrl+ R, Type MMC , On File menu ---> Click Add\Remove Snap-in-->Select Certificates-->Click Add

3. Select Computer account -->Click Next --> Local Computer-->Finish-->Click OK

4. Expand the certificates,Click on Trusted Root Certification Authorities and Click Certificates

5. From the list, find Go Daddy class 2 certification authority.

6. Right Click on it -->All Task --> Select Export. Click Next 2 times.

7. Give file path and file name.Click Next and Finish.

8. Now we have to create a trusted root authority using SharePoint management shell.

9.Open SharePoint Management Shell as an Administrator

10. Run below command one by one

  • $cert=Get-PfxCertificate c:\godaddy.cer
  •  New-SPTrustedRootAuthority -Name GoDaddy -Certificate $cert

11. Trusted Root authortiy created.Now,we have to configure Mobile account in Central Administration.

12. Open Central Admin-->System Settings--> Click Configure Mobile Account

13 Enter the account details which have been provided to RedOxygen.Click Test service to validate the account and Click OK

 That's it all set up now SMS alert service is up and running.Make some changes to document library or list. You will receive the SMS alert on your Mobile.

Happy SharePointing :)

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