Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Active Directory Configuration.

In previous post we have install window server on Hyper-V

This post is will help you with Active Directory Configuration. So lets get started :)

1. Change the name of the server, Right click on This PC/My computer.

2. Click on Change settings.

3. Click Change

4. Give your computer a name, I've given SharePoint.Click OK.

5.It will ask for computer restart. Click OK and Restart the computer/server
6. Log in again into Server
7. After login go to server manager,Click on Add roles and features

8. Before you begin page click next.
9.Select Role-based or feature based installation.Click Next

 10. Select the First option and click next.

11. Select Active Directory Domain services.

12. Click Add Features and Click Next.

13. Click Next Two times.Select Restart the destination server automatically if required,Click yes and Click Install

14. Wait for installation to get complete.

15. Once installation is done. Click On promote this server to a domain controller.

16. Select Add a new forest and enter FQDN. Click Next
17. Keep Forest and Domain functional level as Window Server 2012 R2 and enter a password for Directory Service Restore Mode.Click Next

18.Click Next.Keep the NetBIOS domain name same.Click Next
19. You change the folders location if you want.if not click Next.
20. Review your selections and click Next.
21. It will check all the pre-requisities once done click Install

22. Wait for installation to get completed.It will automatically restart the system.

23. Once machine restarted, it will ask for domain credentials.

24. Open active directory user and computer from computer programs.
25  Right click on domain name --> New--> Organizational Unit.Give Name to OU(I've given staff)

26. Right click on Staff -->New-->User.

27.Fill in all the details and click Next.
28 Set the password.You can choose any option like password never expires.
29 Click Next and Finish. An User has been created in A.D

Please comment if you find this post helpful.

Happy SharePointing :)

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