Friday, 1 July 2016

Configure Managed Metadata Service Application on SharePoint Server

This post will help you to configure Managed Metadata Service Application (MMS).

Managed Metadata is used to provide you a central location to store all your metadata which can be used across the sites.

So lets get started with MMS application :)

1. Open Central Administration--> Application Management--> Manage Service Application
2. Click New and Select Managed Metadata Service

3. Give name to your MMS application and Database name. I've given MMS for application and MMS_DB for Database

4. Select option Create a new Application Pool and give a name to it.Click OK

5.MMS application has been created and it is listed on Manage Service application page.

6.Now we need to start Metadata service. Go to Central Admin --> System Settings
7. Click on Manage Service on server.
8. Look for Managed Metadata web service and Click Start.

9. Once service is started.Open you MMS application.

10.Your MMS has been configured and now you can create term store, term set or new group whatever you are looking for

Happy SharePointing :)

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