Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Installation of the package failed while installing CU on SharePoint 2013

This applies to SharePoint 2010 and 2013.


While installing the CU on SharePoint 2013 server got below error.

It says"The installation of this package failed"


1. Missing cab files, all the files cab and exe file should be in same folder.

2. Also check the size of the files that you downloaded and double check with Microsoft site.

3. Above two are not the reason for failure. Then check the name of your cab file, it should be like ubserv_1.cab or ubserv_2.cab it cannot be ubserv_1(1).cab or ubserv_2(1).cab. This can also cause installation failure.

4. Download the CU again from the microsoft site.

Hope it helps.

Happy SharePointing :) 

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Common Question : Difference between Service Pack and Cummulative Updates

 This post will help you out with most common question that a SharePoint techie needs to know.

Difference between Service Pack and Cumulative Updates (CU).

Some of you might don't know but we also have Public Update knows as PU and Critical on demand fix know as COD

So we instead of just talking about difference between Service Pack and CU

We will talk about Service Pack vs CU vs PU vs COD

there are other guys who have answered this question i just wanted to throw my hat in the ring ;)

Lets get started.

Service Pack


A Service Pack is combination of all the previously released fixes and potentially any new feature added to SharePoint till date.
It includes new fixes, new functionality and all the older released Service packs and fixes.
It doesn't comes with language pack you have to install a separate service pack for language installed in SharePoint.
There is no release cycle for service pack.

Cumulative Updates


A Cumulative update includes fixes for the bug or problem with SharePoint that are reported by users or customers.
It contains all new and previously released CU and PU.
CU comes with language pack so no need to install separate CU for language installed in SharePoint.
Since July 2014, CU has been release every month.

Public Update (PU)

Public Update basically includes security fixes and fixes for the problems that are reported by large number of customers or users
What it includes you have to review the KB article while downloading the PU from Microsoft.
PU also comes with language pack. It will  release once in a month if required.

Critical on demand fix (COD)


A COD is a fix which is provided only to a small number of customers affected by a critical problem directly through Microsoft Support.
It includes specific fix for a specific issue. Doesn't come with language pack.
It is only released On Demand 

Hope this article gives you more clear picture about Service Pack, CU, PU and COD.

Happy SharePointing :)

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Ports required for SharePoint

I recently had project to migrate SharePoint 2010 from old server to a new server.

It was just Server migration not SharePoint Migration.

My networking team doesn't know how to find the Ports which should be opened in new server to communicate with each other and for all other important Sharepoint Functionality to work.

So i prepared a list of port number which are required for my SharePoint Farm.

My SharePoint Farm consists of:

1. 2 Application servers
2. 2 Web Front End servers
3. 1 SQL servers
4. Domain controllers.

Below is the list of port required to be open on new servers.

Hope this helps you :)

Happy SharePointing :)