Thursday, 7 July 2016

Installation of Microsoft SQL Server 2012

This post will help you out with SQL installation.

So lets get started :)

1. Download the SQL server from Microsoft site.Click the link to Download

2. Create a one user in A.D for SQL and one user for SharePoint which we will be using in future.
     I've created (SP.SQL and SP.Farm) for SQL and SharePoint respectively

3. Before we start the installation we should make sure that .net framework 3.5 feature is installed.

4. Insert the SQL media and Run it/ Install it.

5. Click Installation and Click On New SQL server stand-alone installation.
 6. Click OK
7. Enter the product key and click Next.Select I accept the license terms and Click Next

8. Setup file installation.Click Next once finished.

9 Select SQL Server Feature Installation and click Next
10. Select Features
    ( DB engine, SQL server Replication,Full-text extraction for search, Data Quality services)
    (Management Tools-basic and complete both)
     Click Next
11. Click Next if get no warnings.
12. Keep the default instance and Click Next
13. If Disk space  requirement passed click Next.
14. Enter the account name and password.I've created sp.sql for this. Click Next

15. Select Windows Authentication mode and click on Add current users.Click Next

16. Click Next, Next and Install
17. Wait for installation to get complete.
18. Once installation is finished, SQL server is installed on your server.

Happy SharePointing :)

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