Friday, 1 July 2016

Configure User Profile Service Application on SharePoint Server Part-1

This post will help you to configure the User Profile Service application

User Profile Service application require MMS application in running mode.please make sure you configure MMS before you start with User profile service.

So let get started :)

1. Open Central Administration--> Application Management--> Manage Service Application
2. Click New and Select User Profile service Application

3 Enter a name for your UPS application and select create new application pool give a name to it.

4.  UPS Application will have 3 database (Profile,Synchronization and Social). Enter a name according to your choice and click Create


5. It will take few minutes to configure your User Profile Service application.
6. Once it is done,you can see it listed on Manage Service Application page.

7. Now we have to user profile and user profile synchronization service.

8. Navigate to Manage service on server.

9. Start  the user profile service,it take 40 second for this to get started.

10. Now click start the user profile synchronization service, enter farm administrator username and password. Click OK

11. User profile sync minimum it take around 1 minute and max 20 minutes.

12 User profile Sync service will configure the ForeFront Identity Manager Windows Services.

We will create a UPA connection in PART-2

If your User profile synchronization service is stuck on starting.Click on link on how to troubleshoot it.


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