Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Low disk space alert email using Task Scheduler.

This Post will help you out to keep track of Disk Space and send an email once free space is less than 10%

so lets get started :)

Follow below steps to achieve the requirement.

  • Open Task Scheduler and create a new task.
  • Enter a name for the task, select "Run whether user is logged on or not", and check "Do not store password."
  • Add a new trigger on the Triggers tab.
  • Select "On an event" in the "Begin the task" box.
  • Set Log to "System", Source to "srv", and Event ID to "2013".

  • Add a new action on the Actions tab.
  • Set Action to "Send an e-mail" and fill in the rest of the settings appropriately.

  • To configure when the low disk space event is recorded in the System Log, open the Registry Editor, navigate to HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters and add a DWORD value named “DiskSpaceThreshold”, setting it to the desired percentage. When the entry does not exist, the default value is 10.

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    Event ID 5214 in Application logs

    This post will help you out in resolving the issue with Event ID 5214 which is getting logged in event viewer after every half an hour or one hours.

    So lets get started :)


    If you go to Application logs in event viewer you can find that there are n number of 5214 id has been logged with below description:-


    The account don't have execute permission over the Timer Job.


    1.     Ensure the Service Account which is showing the error is a part of "WSS_Content_Application_Pools’.

    2. Expand your SharePoint Configuration database 'SharePoint_Config' select all the Stored Procedures which contain ‘proc_*Timer*Jobs’ under Programmability ->Stored Procedures

    3. Right-click on them and choose Properties

    4.Click on Permission on the left launch.

    5. Select the Search button and browse for ‘WSS_Content_Application_Pools’.

    6. Provide ‘Execute’ permissions for ‘WSS_Content_Application_Pools’ and Click OK.

    Happy SharePointing :)