Friday, 8 July 2016

Configuration of SharePoint 2013

This post is related to configure your newly install SharePoint 2013.

So lets get started :)

1. Open SharePoint 2013 Product Configuration wizard.

2. Click next and yes.
3. Select Create a new server farm and click Next

4. Enter the Database server name and credentials.
5. Enter Passphare. Click Next (Make sure your save this password because this password will required when you do farm configuration.)
6. Keep authentication as NTLM, Click Next. If you don't want to specify any port number
7. Wait while SharePoint product are configured.

8. Configuration of SharePoint Product is successful. Click Finish
9. Central Administration web page will be opened.Click Cancel.
10 It will redirect to Central Admin page

With this SP configuration is finished.

Happy SharePointing :)

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