Monday, 3 April 2017

Creating a User in Office 365

With the title of blog you guys can understand that we are going to create a new user in Office 365.

This basically applies to small business. In this scenario we will not have any active directory.

So lets get started :)

Steps :-
1. Browse the  and login using the Global administrator account.

2. After login, Click on Admin tile.

3. Now, we have to click on Add new user.

4. A pop-up will be opened. You have to provide the details like Name, display name, username etc.
 You can choose the license you want to assign for that particular and what role he will be playing in office 365.
5. Scroll down and click on ADD.

Your user has been added. Email him the credentials and he can login in Office 365 without any issue.

Hope it helps :)

Happy SharePointing :)

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