Monday, 3 April 2017

Assign or Remove License in Office 365

This Post will help you out on how to assign or remove license for a particular user.

Users need license in order to use services like SharePoint Online, Lync online.

So lets get started :)

Assign a license

In this we want to assign a user SharePoint Online access.

1. Login into office 365 with Global Administrator  and Click on Admin tile.

2. On Admin Center page, Click on Active users under Users

3. Now select the user you want to assign license. Once you select a pop up will open.

 4. Now Click Edit on Product licenses option.

5. It will show all the license you have and now scroll down to SharePoint Online and click the button to make ON and Save it.

 Now the user have license to use SharePoint Online Service.

Remove a license


Follow the above steps till Step 4.

In step 5 you have turn off the license you want to remove for the user.

Hope it helps :)

Happy SharePointing :)

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