Thursday, 20 October 2016

SharePoint : URL list

We all are working, enjoying, exploring and learning something new everyday with SharePoint.

There may other articles related to it. Just want to throw my cap in the ring.

This will help you when your  site settings is missing and no where to find in the GUI . There are few URL which can save your day.

You just have to add URL at the end of the site below screenshot for your reference.

So lets get starts :)

Site Settings /_layouts/settings.aspx
Site Contents /_layouts/viewlsts.aspx
User Alerts /_layouts/sitesubs.aspx
Workflows /layouts/wrkmng.aspx
Gallery /catalogs/solutions
Site content and structure Manager /_layouts/sitemanager.aspx
site content types /_layouts/mngctype.aspx
people and groups /_layouts/people.aspx
Manager User permissions /_layouts/users.apsx
Site column gallery /_layouts/mngfield.aspx
Recycle Bin /_layouts/adminrecyclebin.aspx
Master Page Gallery /_catalogs/masterpage
Web part gallery /_catalogs/wp
Create /_layouts/create.aspx
List Template Gallery /_catalogs/It
Manage Site collection Administrators /_layouts/15/mngsiteadmin.aspx
Manage site and Workspace /_layouts/mngsubwebs.aspx

 Let me know if i missed on something will update that .
Happy SharePointing :)


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