Monday, 3 October 2016

Configuring Forms Based Authentication in SharePoint 2016 – Part 3 – Adding users to the Membership Database

This article will help you out on Configuring Forms based authentication (FBA) in SharePoint 2016 it is very similar to SharePoint 2013.

I have broken down steps in  4 articles.

1. Configuring SharePoint

2. Creating Membership Database

3. Adding users to Membership Database

4. Editing the web.config files.

 So lets get started :)

Part-3 Adding users to Membership Database

  •  Open IIS manager
  • Select IIS Server Name on the left navigation
    • Click on the “Connection Strings”

  •  Click on ADD.
  • Enter name of Connection String
  • Enter SQL Server Instance Name
  • Enter Database Name
  • Verify the Connection String and make sure it is correctly build up

  • Once done we can see the connection string in IIS manager.
  • Now Click on Providers.

  • Click on Add.
  • Select Type as “SqlRoleProvider”
  • Enter Name
  • Enter Connection String Name 
  • Enter Application Name as “/”. Click OK

  • Select Feature “.Net Users” from the drop down and Click Add

  • On the “Add Provider” Screen and Select Type as “SqlMembershipProvider”
  • Enter Name as appropriate
  • Configure behavior of the Membership Provider
  • Choose Connection String Name we created earlier under Data Section
  • Application Name under General Section will be "/"

  •  Expand the sites in web application pool and Click SharePoint Web services.
  • Select STS and Click on Provider.
  • Follow same as above steps to Add Provider. Below are the screenshot for reference.

  • Now we will add users to Membership database.
  • Select the Sites FBA and click on .Net Users.

  •  Click Add and fill out the required fields.Click Next and Finish.

  •  Once done user has been added to .net users.

 We are done with Part-3 now we will move to the last part which is editing the web.config files.

Happy SharePointing :)

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