Thursday, 23 June 2016

SharePoint 2016

As we all know SharePoint 2016 is available now to explore.I recently installed SharePoint 2016 on a VM using Hyper-V

I go thru every option we have in Central Admin like Application Management, System Settings,Monitoring and other available options.

Below are some changes that has been made to Central Admin in SharePoint 2016 if we compare it with SharePoint 2013.

1. We have two new templates added for creating new site collection.
  •      In-Place Hold Policy Center 
  •      Compliance Policy Center

2. In System Settings under Server two new options has been added.

  • Manage Services in this farm
  • Convert server role in this farm.

3. In General Application a new Option has been added named PWA settings.

4. In Office 365,One option as been added and one removed.
  • Configure One Drive and Site Links – Removed
  • Configure Hybrid One Drive and Sites Features – Added

I will continue exploring SP2016 and will add more information about it to my blog 

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