Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Search Service Application on Server did not finish loading Issue


While working on Search we faced very rare issue "Search Service Application on Server did not finish loading Issue"



Check event logs and uls logs  getting error message stating that application : the device is not in ready state.
Checked permission all were fine.
Even when i click on content source or Crawl logs getting the same error.

Tried searching some blogs on google and found out that below cmd can fix the issue:

PSConfig  -cmd secureresources

Run that cmd it will take somewhere 5 to 10 minutes to complete.While command was running i was sitting with my finger crossed.

After the completion of command we were still facing the same issue.



After the completion we again checked event logs just to see if we can pin point the root cause 

This time we found out the search account was unable to connect to search database.

So after giving the access on db still no luck

So i thought of running the SharePoint Product Configuration wizard to put my bits n piceces in place.

Once SharePoint Product Configuration wizard was complete. I went to check the search application 
and this time is back to normal with running status, searchable items. everything was back to normal

Hope this will help you resolve your issue
Happy SharePointing :)

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