Thursday, 4 May 2017

Service Application created using Powershell only

This Article will be focused on the service application in SharePoint 2013 which we can’t create by going to Central Admin > Application Management > Manage Service Application > Click New.

We will be covering the service applications that are created using PowerShell or using a different method.

Below is the list of Service application that we can easily create from GUI (Central Admin > Application Management > Manage Service Application > Click New.)
  •          App Management Service (new in 2013)
  •          Business Data Connectivity Service
  •          Excel Service Application
  •          Managed Metadata Service
  •          Performance Point Service Application
  •          Search Service Application
  •          Secure Store Service
  •          Machine Translation Services (new in 2013)
  •          User Profile Service Application
  •          Visio Graphics Service
  •          Word Automation Services
  •          Access Services App databases (new) (2010 and 2013)
  •       Work Management Service Application

We won’t we talking about the above-mentioned Service application.
The service application we going to created/install are listed below:

  • PowerPoint Automation Services
  •  State Service
  •  Subscription settings
  •  Usage and health Data Collection

There are two ways of creating/ installing these apps
1.      Using Farm Configuration Wizards
2.      PowerShell

Let’s start with the first option.

  •  On the Central Administration, click Configuration Wizards
  •  Click on “Launch the Farm Configuration Wizard”

  •  On Farm Configuration wizard, click on Start the wizard

  •  On the services configuration page, in the Services section, select the Service mentioned above.
  •   Click Next.
  •  Complete any other configuration steps for the server farm.
  •  On the final page of the Farm Configuration Wizard, click Finish.

Let’s talk about the second option which is PowerShell.

Make sure you run SharePoint Management Shell as an Administrator.

  •  PowerPoint Automation Services

New-SPPowerPointConversionServiceApplication -Name "PowerPoint Automation Service Application" -ApplicationPool "App Pool name"

# PowerPoint Automation Service Proxy
New-SPPowerPointConversionServiceApplicationProxy -Name "PowerPoint Automation Service Application Proxy" -ServiceApplication "PowerPoint Automation Service Application" AddtoDefaultGroup

  • State Service
$serviceApp = New-SPStateServiceApplication -Name “State Service Application”
 New-SPStateServiceDatabase -Name “SharePoint_Service_State” -ServiceApplication $serviceApp

   #State Service Proxy
 New-SPStateServiceApplicationProxy -Name “State Service Application Proxy” -ServiceApplication $serviceApp -DefaultProxyGroup

  •  Subscription settings

New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplication -ApplicationPool “SharePoint Web Services Default” -Name “Subscription Settings Service Application” -DatabaseName “SubscriptionSettingsDB” | New-SPSubscriptionSettingsServiceApplicationProxy

  •  Usage and health Data Collection

New-SPUsageApplication -Name "Usage and Health Data Collection"
$proxy = Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where {$_.TypeName -eq "Usage and Health Data Collection Proxy"}

Hope it helps.
Let me know in comments if I missed out on any service application

Happy SharePointing J

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