Monday, 6 March 2017

Create Site Collection 2010 experience in SharePoint 2013

One of our users comes with request. Can we have site collection with a Look and Feel like SharePoint 2010 in 2013.

So in order to achieve the above request we have two way to do both very simple and straight forward.

1st using GUI and 2nd using Power-Shell

So lets start with 1st method using GUI.


1. Open Central Admin ---> Application management --> Create new site collection.

2. New window will open, select the web application under which you want to create a new site collection.

3. Fill in the required details like title,description, url etc and in Template selection drop down select 2010 and click OK

4. It will take sometime to create a new site collection but once down and when browse to the site collection. You can see that you site collection has a look and feel of 2010.

In other post we will use the 2nd method to create a site collection using 2010 look and feel.

Hope it helps:)

Happy SharePointing :)

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